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WGGL Chair

Washington Local Government GIS Leaders (WGGL)

A Washington GIS Association Special Interest Group

The WGGL group was formed to provide a forum specifically for GIS leaders in local government. Membership of WGGL is comprised of GIS Supervisors (Managers, Coordinators, Directors, and Department Heads) working at City and County organizations in Washington State. The group acknowledges that leadership is not conferred by (nor constrained to) a job title, but comes from all across the GIS and government enterprises.  The WGGL group promotes: open collaboration to help solve uniquely government problems, active participation, sharing insights and resources, growing leadership skills, and improving overall communication among GIS leaders across the State of Washington. 

WGGL Membership

  • Open to all government City and County GIS leaders
  • Requires WA URISA membership for full access to resources
  • Membership managed in Wild Apricot
  • No additional WGGL membership fee
  • Paid attendance at any WA URISA event, work shop or conference confers WA URISA membership, and thus grants eligibility to WGGL membership (as long as the person is a “leader” in their organization)
  • Vetting of WGGL members (if questions arise) by WGGL Coordinating Group
  • Vendors need not apply

Our current agreed goals:

    • Create a communication link between local government GIS leaders;
    • Determine and share best management practices;
    • The representation of County and City GIS interests to state officials, calling attention to legislation that affects data processing operations and technologies; and
    • Opportunities to provide education/training for City and County GIS managers on roles, responsibilities, and requirements of GIS departments 


Governance Structure:

  • WGGL Chairperson:
    • Member of WA URISA Board
    • Appointed by WA URISA President in consultation with WA URISA Board
  • WGGL Coordinating Group:
    • Organize WGGL events; manage WGGL resources
    • Approximately five volunteers
    • Appointed / recruited by WGGL Chairperson
    • Vet potential members (as necessary, by calling or emailing them to discuss their role)
  • Access to WGGL Resources requires authentication through Wild Apricot
    • WGGL Resources include:
      • Map-based roster of GIS Leaders in WA (to include non-members)
      • Document repository (job descriptions, strategic plans, etc.)
      • ListServ
      • Workshops and other events
    • Vendors explicitly excluded from accessing WGGL Resources


Questions or Comments? Email:   wggl@waurisa.org

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