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Summit Award recipient for 2018 is Heather Glock

19 Dec 2018 3:07 PM | Josh Greenberg (Administrator)

 Heather GlockIn the course of our careers as GIS professionals, we come across many types of people, GIS wunderkinds, computer programmers who discovered mapping, mappers who discovered computers, sales people, scientists, and government bureaucrats. We work with those who understand GIS and those who don’t want or need to. Our audience is by the nature of our work diverse, and touches on many disciplines. One of the roles of the GIS professional is to evangelize the spatial, to use place to answer problems that range from the universal to the specific. In this work, we are lucky to have a broad community of collaborators and colleagues, but none of this is exactly organic. In the background, there are those who seek to serve the larger, collective good of the profession, and one of those people is Heather Glock, nearly a 20 year veteran of ESRI, past WAURISA President, and all around good human. Congratulations to Heather!

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