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You can register for workshops and the Conference here:  Conference & Workshop Registration

Tuesday, June 11th | UW Tacoma Campus - 1900 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402

Registration: 8:00am, Cherry Parkes Lobby | Workshops 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-5:00pm Cherry Parkes and Pinkerton

Link to Campus Parking Map

Maximize Imagery Workflows with ArcGIS

Ryan Richardson, Esri and TJ Abbenhaus, Esri

$100 Half Day
Pinkerton 131 (no food or drink allowed)

    Join Esri for a workshop using the latest in advanced tools for imagery management, visualization, analysis and sharing. In this workshop you will learn about the ArcGIS solutions including ArcGIS Reality, Oriented Imagery, ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise. We will discuss how to use ArcGIS Pro to create Mosaic datasets and publish collections of data using ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online (SaaS) and ArcGIS Image Server. Participants in this workshop will also get hands on experience configuring various web applications that leverage these imagery services. We will also explore how to take imagery from various sensors, from smartphones, to UAV’s, to fixed wing aerial imagery, to satellites and use it in ArcGIS.

    ArcGIS Experience Builder

    Ryan Richardson, Esri and TJ Abbenhaus, Esri

    $100 Half Day
    Pinkerton 131 (no food or drink allowed)

      ArcGIS Experience Builder is a highly configurable and customizable solution that allows users to share their web apps online without writing any code. In this workshop you will gain insights on how to create an immersive web experience using Experience Builder’s interactive widgets, dynamic themes, media, and map integration. Learn what is new in ArcGIS Experience Builder and how to modernize and optimize your WebApp Builder apps to be viewed on any device. Leveraging pre-built templates and drag and drop functionality Experience Builder will bring your maps and apps together into one unified destination.

      Washington Government GIS Leaders Workshop

      Stephen Beimborn, City of Seattle; Christina Chelf, City of Tacoma; Matt Collins, City of Wenatchee

      $100 Full Day

      Cherry Parkes 105

        Gathering of GIS Leaders from around Washington State to learn from each other, share ideas and develop skills related to leading GIS groups. Past sessions have included such topics as strategies for developing staff, forming relationships with customers and peer agencies, putting together training programs, securing funding, assigning roles, prioritizing work, conducting projects, working collaboratively with the IT Department (or working from within the IT Department), deciding when to hire consultants, and other common management topics. 

        This workshop is sponsored by WAGISA's Washington Local Government GIS Leaders special interest group.

        Young Professionals Workshop

        Christina Chelf, City of Tacoma and Micah Gelber, Navy Region Northwest

        $25 Full Day
        Cherry Parkes 106

          Come connect with other young professionals in this INTERACTIVE day long event. This workshop is designed to help those with less than 5 years experience advance their careers, find jobs and meet others in their field. Expect speed networking, group discussions, panel talks, and an optional happy hour!

          SQL Spatial: An introduction to using the views and spatial functions in SQL Server

          to automate and simplify your services and reports

          Grant Herbert - GISP, Principal GIS Analyst with FLO Analytics

          $100 Half Day – Afternoon

          Cherry Parkes 108

            This workshop focuses on introducing you to the possibilities of using spatial SQL and views to expand your options working with GIS data. Although this workshop will use SQL Server hosted geodatabases as the example, the techniques are generally applicable to non geodatabases, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, etc. Views and spatial functions can be used to increase efficiency, reduce data duplication and provide custom data sources for map services, dashboards and reports. A well crafted query can even replace a modelbuilder or Python process! If you are familiar with ArcGIS Pro Query Layers then you already know some of the possibilities. The workshop is aimed for those with some experience and knowledge of SQL, but will briefly cover some of the basics for beginners.

            The following topics will be covered:

            • An introduction to SQL queries and views
            • A discussion on some of the benefits and pitfalls, especially in a geodatabase
            • An introduction to some common spatial functions
            • Tips and tricks specifically for Esri compatibility
            • Pragmatic approaches and real world examples
            • If we have time – advanced components like user defined functions

            Workshop Leader Bios

            Ryan Richardson is a GIS professional who thrives on leveraging technology to tackle intricate challenges. With a strong commitment to problem-solving, Ryan currently serves as a Solution Engineer at Esri, a leading provider of geospatial software solutions. Based out of Esri's regional office in Olympia, WA, Ryan provides support to the State and Local Government team. In addition to his role as a solution engineer, Ryan is an Esri Certified UAV Pilot and holds a FAA Part 107 UAV pilot certificate. His expertise in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allows him to harness the power of drone technology for mapping and analysis purposes. Furthermore, Ryan's passion for sharing knowledge extends to his role as an instructor for a drone mapping certificate course at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

            TJ Abbenhaus is a Solution Engineer on the sales team for the Esri Olympia regional office. TJ has specialized in Imagery and LiDAR solutions. Currently working for the State and Local government sales team and has extensive experience with workflow and outcomes desired for State and local GIS.

            Stephen Beimborn is the Manager of GIS Analysts for the City of Seattle. In his forty years working in the GIS field, he has done a little bit of everything, including cartography, analysis, programming, business systems integration, project and portfolio management, and people management. He has enjoyed it all, but none more than the cartography. Prior to joining city government nearly twenty-eight years ago, he worked in the environmental consulting field. He greatly enjoys his current role in local government because of the endless opportunities for using GIS in practical ways to solve real problems and help communities thrive.

            Matt Collins GISP and GeoMentor, is GIS and Asset Management Manager for City of Wenatchee and on the WGGL board. He’s spent 25 years playing in all corners of GIS for infrastructure and Enterprise Administration; freelancer, US Air Force contractor, or the last five at City of Wenatchee Public Works; where he’s led Asset Management and Record Drawing integration of software, policies and best practices to the City’s divisions. The City was an early adopter of the Utility Network as a method of database normalization and quality control. A true GIS Nerd, he’s an avid model railroader and uses GIS to plan and map his newest train layouts.

            Christina Chelf is a GIS professional with over 12 years experience. Currently she serves as the GIS Manager for City of Tacoma where she leads a team of 8 that is responsible for providing maps, spatial analysis, and data management for city staff. She is also the President of the Washington GIS Association and a part time instructor in the University of Washington GIS Certificate Program.

            Micah Gelber is an Emergency Management GIS Specialist/ 911 GIS Administrator for Navy Region Northwest. Micah is currently a WAGISA board member where he serves as committee co-chair of the community engagement committee, co-coordinator of the Dick Thomas Award, and co-lead of WAGISA's new Young professional Initiative.

            Grant Herbert has 20 years of experience in the geospatial field working in both government and the private sector. Grant has been working with SQL Server and GIS for years and has expertise in data management, spatial database and geodatabase design, Python scripting, and managing Esri Enterprise environments and Microsoft SQL Server.

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