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CALL FOR poster, app, OR script 

This year’s poster presentation showcase will provide the opportunity to share and exhibit your creative talents, inspire your peers, and potentially earn some cash in the process! Read the categories and rules below and submit your work.


Each of the four (4) categories below will be split into a student and professional subcategory. Submittal must specify ‘student’ or ‘professional.' Poster contest committee may merge the student and professional subcategories if there aren’t enough submissions in each category to make a competitive contest.

  • Maps- Stand-alone images analytical in nature. Creative, effective, insightful integration of geospatial data. Posters must be at least 11”x17” but 22”x28” is preferred.

  • Artistic- Innovative visual expression of cartography and geographic concepts, using any type of physical and/or digital media. Posters must be at least 11”x17” but 22”x28” is preferred. Please include QR code on the poster if there is an online component.

  • Apps- Interactive applications that may be consumed on a browser or a mobile device. Effective, attractive, functional, engaging. Must submit a poster (11”x17” preferred) that includes a QR code linked to the App.

  • Scripts- A Jupyter Notebook with code, maps, and/or charts. Posters must be at least 11”x17” but 22”x28” is preferred. Notebooks can be in a bound 8.5”x11” printed format to be attached to the poster, or a QR code linked to an html version of the notebook on the poster.


  • Each presenter is limited to entering a maximum of one map in the contest.

  • Each submission must be received by May 31, 2024 and include a mockup or written abstract about the submission.

  • Each submission must specify which category the presenter wishes to submit for.

  • Each entry must be printed on paper and mounted on a stiff backing material like foam board. It is advised to use high quality paper for all maps to avoid any fraying or wrinkling that may occur.

  • For public-facing web-based maps and apps, please prepare a summary poster, abstract, and QR code linking to the app.

  • For scripts, please prepare a summary poster with either a bound copy of scripts, maps, charts, etc or a QR code link to an html version of the notebook. 

  • All submissions must be checked in either on June 11 or first thing in the morning June 12 to be eligible to compete.

  • If unable to attend in person, the contestant must designate a representative to bring and present the map on their behalf.

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