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Ken is a permanently recovering academic from the UK with a Bachelors in cartography and PhD in GIS. He grew tired of admin, and ditched his 20 year academic career, moved to the US, and talks and writes about cartography, teaches, and makes maps at Esri in California. He has presented and published an awful lot. He blogs (, tweets (@kennethfield), after 8 years as Chair is now Vice-Chair of the ICA Map Design Commission, and did a 9 year stint as Editor of The Cartographic Journal, He’s won a few awards for maps, teaching cartography, kitchen tile designs and his books 'Cartography.' and ‘Thematic Mapping’. He teaches a MOOC on Cartography which has had nearly 200,000 participants to date, and is co-founder of the popular site. He snowboards (reasonably), plays drums (badly) and is a long-suffering supporter of his home-town football team Nottingham Forest. Maps are his passion, and profession.

Ken will be doing a BYOB (bring your own book) signing at this year's conference. Time TBA. Buy your books now and have them ready for the conference.

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