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Previous Contest Winners


Best Cartographic Design - Roslyn Historic District | Whitney Emge

Best Interactive Experience - Land Use Preferences | Whitney Emge

Best Data Integration - Auburn Municipal Airport Clearance Zones | Blake Tomasch


Best Cartographic Design -  Sagelands Heritage Map –|Matt Stevenson

Best Analytic Presentation –  Fish Barriers vs. Funding | Taylor Rulien

Best Data Integration –  Blueprint of Drawdown: How Supporting women and Girls Can Reduce Carbon Emissions (CO2) Worldwide | Tonya Kauhi, Jennifer Radcliff, Maria Sevier, Christina Chelf, Kaitlin Schrup, Sheena Harms, Stacey Curry

Best Online Interactive Map or App - King County Shoreline Master Plan - Online Open House |Ben Silver

Best Student Map - Seattle Homeless Deaths and Shelter Suitability Analysis | Kevin Tran

Best Script -  Automate Email Alerts for Permit Approvals Script |Anthony Von Moos

Best GIS Inspiration - Get Wet!!! | Jennifer Hackett

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