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Contest Overview

 The Washington Chapter of URISA (WAURISA) invites you to share your best Poster, Map, or Web Application at the 2021 Virtual Washington GIS Conference, May 25-27

This year's poster presentation showcase will provide the opportunity to share and exhibit your creative talents, inspire your peers, and have fun! Fellow conference attendees will cast votes for their favorite entry in each category. 

Types of admissions accepted:

  • Electronic Maps or posters (PDF format less than 10 MB file size) 
  • Online Interactive Maps/ Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Scripts

Award Categories:

  • Cartographic Design
  • Data Integration
  • Interactive Experience
  • Innovative Scripting or Geoprocessing Tool
  • Social or Environmental Justice
  • Student 

How To Submit

Entries must be submitted through our online form and must meet guidelines outlined below. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted. 

Submit your entry using the Poster and App Contest Submission form below 

Required information: Contestant name, Email, Submission Title, Submission Type, Description (abstract). Contestants must be registered to attend the 2021 Virtual Washington GIS conference to be eligible to participate. Entries must be submitted on or before May 14th, 2021.

For additional information, contact mapcontest@waurisa.org.

Previous Winners


Best Cartographic Design – Sagelands Heritage Map –|Matt Stevenson 

Best Analytic Presentation –  Fish Barriers vs. Funding Taylor Rulien

Best Data Integration –  Blueprint of Drawdown: How Supporting women and Girls Can Reduce Carbon Emissions (CO2) Worldwide | Tonya Kauhi, Jennifer Radcliff, Maria Sevier, Christina Chelf, Kaitlin Schrup, Sheena Harms, Stacey Curry

Best Online Interactive Map or App - King County Shoreline Master Plan - Online Open House |Ben Silver

Best Student Map - Seattle Homeless Deaths and Shelter Suitability Analysis | Kevin Tran

Best Script -  Automate Email Alerts for Permit Approvals Script |Anthony Von Moos

Best GIS Inspiration - Get Wet!!! | Jennifer Hackett

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