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How to Access the Conference

WAGISA Conference 2022 Zoom Events & Webinars Guide

First and Foremost: 
1.  Please ensure that you downloaded the latest Zoom software and have a login/account (free or paid), that is associated with the email address with which you registered.

You must have Zoom software installed on your computer.

2. Check your inbox for an email from; it will contain the information you need to complete your registration for the Conference.

You’re registered via our WAGISA website, but must complete the registration on Zoom with the same email address.

Download the Instructions 

Download the Speaker/Moderator Instructions 

Zoom Events and Webinars

Zoom Events: 

Zoom Events software allows for a centralized hub (Lobby) with links to the scheduled sessions and Vendor Expo.

Watch this short one minute video:

Events Format:

WAGISA 2022 will utilize Zoom Events instead of Meetings and single Webinars to host large WAGISA events. This allows for a more structured format that separates Panelists and Attendees, giving video, audio, and screen sharing abilities to just a few Panelists. It gives the event a more professional feel and reduces interruptions. 


Remember the physical Lobby from previous in-person conferences, where people hung out and chatted between sessions? We’ve got one for you VIRTUALLY. It is from here that everyone (Hosts, Panelists and Attendees) navigate to their assigned or desired sessions and the Expo.


Remember the Vendors from in person conferences, where you were able to speak with Sponsor representatives and get SWAG? We’ve got one for you VIRTUALLY, (minus the SWAG, because the technology isn’t quite there yet).

Event Webinars have three types of participants:

1. Hosts (Gregory & Taylor)

2. Panelists (Speakers and Moderators, including Vendors that are speaking)

3. Attendees

Hosts: Initiate the Webinar, manage the recording, promote/demote between Panelist and Attendee, remove unwanted guests, initiate polls, turn off microphones/cameras.

Panelist (Moderators): Remind the host to Record, Introduce speakers, assist with Q&A, give time cues to Speakers, keep an eye on the chat/Q&A

Panelist (Speakers): Present, answer Q&A

Attendees: Watch presentations, ask questions in Q&A

If you are scheduled to be a speaker or moderator, you will be added to the Zoom Webinar as a ‘Panelist’ automatically, which will allow you to use your camera and microphone, share your screen, and answer Q&A.

While you can join the Webinar as a panelist at any time, it is best to do so 5 or 10 minutes before you present, but please keep your microphone muted until you are introduced by your moderator.

Technical Difficulties:

If you have any trouble joining the Event or the Webinars, please contact our Hosts: 

Gregory Lund - - 360.402.3550 (text is quickest)

Taylor Dixon - - 509.599.0059

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